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Restart Instructor
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Restart Advanced Reformer Pilates Instructor Course
Endorsed by YMCA Awards

Advanced Reformer Pilates Instructor Course
Study Time: 12 - 16 weeks
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Course Details


We will provide you with revision materials to read through in your own time in preparation for your theory exams. These exams will be completed online through our study portal.


You will be required to participate in

6 in-person course days as follows:

3 days - theory & practical training

3 days - practical exams


Upon successful completion of your theory & practical assessments, the YMCA will notify us of approval of your pass and we will be pleased to issue you with a certificate confirming your achievement.


This is the equivalent to a level 3 qualification, endorsed by a globally recognised fitness organisation (YMCA).

Course Overview: Advanced Reformer Pilates Teacher Course

What you'll learn:

This course aims to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge necessary to confidently and competently teach both private and group reformer pilates classes.

The curriculum of this course is thoughtfully structured to cater to both aspiring instructors and seasoned practitioners looking to deepen their understanding of the reformer apparatus.

Throughout the course, participants will delve deeper into the theory, principles and techniques of pilates, with a specific focus on the reformer apparatus. 

The course covers advanced exercises, modifications, variations, and progressions on the reformer to challenge clients at an advanced level. Participants will learn effective cueing techniques, proper alignment, spotting techniques and client safety considerations.

What you'll achieve:

Upon completion of the Reformer Pilates Instructor Course, participants will emerge equipped with a profound understanding of the Pilates reformer and its application. They will be empowered to create dynamic, effective, and safe reformer-based Pilates sessions, whether for personal practice or in a professional capacity as certified instructors, fostering holistic health and well-being for themselves and their future clients.

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Participated in a minimum of 36 hours of reformer pilates at Restart within the last 12 months

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Fitness qualification and / or relevant experiences such as personal training, yoga teaching etc


Background in dance or movement, or experience in rehabilitation or injury prevention also accepted

Entry Requirements:

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Cheetham Hill
M8 8HW


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Cancellation Policy

If you can no longer continue with your Course booking you must notify us at least 14 days ahead of the course commencing for a full refund or a request to defer you to our next course dates. 

Any cancellations after this period won't be legible for a refund. 

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